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UFCA Introduces New Pre-Scholarship Programme

Ultimate Football Coaching Academy are delighted to announce an exciting new initiative, the UFCA Pre-Scholarship Programme, designed exclusively for current Year 11 students eager to embark on a journey towards football excellence and academic achievement.

This programme serves as a stepping stone for students aspiring to join the UFCA Scholarship Full-Time Programme, offering valuable training and insights into what lies ahead.

The UFCA Pre-Scholarship Programme will take place every Monday evening at Dixons Trinity, and is open to players in Year 11 who are interested in joining the UFCA Scholarship Programme.

Weekly Training Sessions

The UFCA Pre-Scholarship Programme aims to provide Year 11 students with a taste of what it takes to excel in both football and academics. Key highlights of this program include:

  1. Weekly Training: Participants will engage in weekly training sessions led by UFCA's experienced coaches. These sessions are carefully designed to enhance technical skills, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning.

  2. Access to UFCA's Expertise: Our coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring that students receive top-tier training and guidance. This exposure to UFCA's coaching style and philosophy will help them transition seamlessly into the Scholarship Full-Time Programme.

  3. Personal Development: UFCA believes in holistic development. Students will have the opportunity to develop teamwork, leadership, and character-building skills that are integral to their success on and off the pitch.

Steve Hart, Director at UFCA, expressed his enthusiasm for the Pre-Scholarship Programme, stating, "We understand that the transition to our Scholarship Full-Time Programme can be a significant step. The Pre-Scholarship Programme is designed to bridge that gap, providing students with a valuable opportunity to prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await them."

Kickstarting Your Journey

The Pre-Scholarship Programme is the perfect starting point for Year 11 students who aspire to join UFCA's Scholarship Full-Time Programme. Whether you dream of pursuing a career in professional football, balancing academics and sports, or simply want to elevate your skills, UFCA is committed to providing the support and training you need.

How to Get Involved

If you are a current Year 11 student with a passion for football and the ambition to excel academically, the UFCA Pre-Scholarship Programme could be your gateway to success. Please click here to register for the sessions.

The UFCA Pre-Scholarship Programme is your first step towards reaching your goals on and off the pitch.


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